Heritage Planning

Heritage Planning

Heritage planning is a way we can celebrate and preserve the Town of Erin's history.

The Ontario Heritage Act (the Act) allows municipalities to identify and protect places in their community that have cultural heritage value by identifying them within the Municipal Registry, through designation. Heritage designation is public recognition of the heritage value of buildings, sites or cultural features in a community. 

The Purpose of Heritage Designations

One of the most important tools The Town of Erin uses to protect places of heritage significance is through designation under Part IV of the Act.  Part IV of the Act provides for municipal designation of individual properties identified as having cultural heritage value. Properties are designated by a municipal by-law, which contains the location of the property and defines its cultural heritage value or significance through a list of heritage attributes.

By designating properties, it:

  • recognizes the importance of a property to the local community;
  • protects the property's cultural heritage value;
  • encourages good stewardship and conversation; and
  • promotes knowledge and understanding about the property

The Town of Erin Heritage Designation Fact Sheet 2023 provides a helpful summary of the designation process within the Town of Erin, and clarifies key facts about heritage designations.

Current Notices of Intention to Designate 

12 Orangeville Street

18 Anne Street

21 Trafalgar Road

81 Trafalgar Road

93 Trafalgar Road

114 Trafalgar Road 


Designated and Non-Designated Properties

  • The Town's Heritage By-law 23-17 outlines the rules and requirements for non-designated and designated property in the Town of Erin.
  • All designated properties can be found on the provincial Heritage Register. 
  • The Town's Municipal Register can be found below under "Designated Property" and "Non-Designated Property".

The Town currently has the following buildings/structures designated on the municipal Heritage Register:

If you own a designated heritage property and want to alter it in any way, you must have a heritage permit. You also need approval to demolish or remove any building or structure on a designated property.

Non-designated property are on the register because Town Council and the Heritage Committee believe they have cultural value. The Heritage Register is available below. 

If you want to renovate or alter a non-designated property, your building permit application will be circulated to the Heritage Committee for review. We recommend early consultation prior to submission of a building permit application.

If you want to demolish or remove a building or structure on a non-designated property, you are required to provide Council 60 days written notice and receive approval to proceed. We recommend early consultation with Planning staff prior to submission.


McAllister Family Cemetery, south of Binkham, Con 11, Lot 20
Erin-Caledon Townline, Con 11, Lot 28
SW of Binkham, Con 10, Lot 20
Providence Chapel Burying Ground, Con 9, Lot 1
McArthur Cemetery (5621 Wellington Rd 23)
Lang Cemetery (5763 Wellington Road 23)
Mimosa Disciple, 5982 Second Line
Hurren Family Plot, Con 4, Lot 15
Huxley Cemetery, Con 7, Lot 28
Coningsby Cemetery, 5544 Fifth Line
Erin Union Cemetery, 5350 Ninth Line
8866 Wellington Road 22
9648 Wellington Road 22
9168 Sideroad 10
7 Credit River Road
5647 Sixth Line
5690 Sixth Line
5750 Sixth Line