County of Wellington Safe Communities Committee


Minister of the Solicitor General has mandated that all municipalities are to create their own community and safety well-being plan. Wellington County created a plan that encompasses all municipalities within the County. All municipalities in the county have agreed to support this. The community and safety well-being plan is a collaborative process to ensure that services are working together.

Safe Communities Wellington County asks that every municipality is to have constant representation on the leadership table to ensure each municipality is participating to improve community safety and well-being within their municipality. Currently, Mayor Michael Dehn serves as the Town's representative on the Safe Communities Wellington County Leadership Table.  

Some responsibilities of the Leadership team: Identify community safety and well-being issues and determine the best course of action, annual update to the County of Wellington, regularly seek and input data from community partners. The current safe communities leadership team has identified key areas that require attention:

  • 1. Reduce motor vehicle collisions throughout wellington county.
  • 2. Reduce instances of falls in the older population.
  • 3. Provide easier access to mental health supports.
  • 4. Decrease the amount of accidental poisoning throughout wellington county.
  • 5. Coordinate efforts with all 7 municipalities to create an action plan to improve the safety of vulnerable road users (cyclists/Pedestrians).
  • 6. Increase safety protocols within organized sport and
  • 7. Coordinate efforts to reduce agriculture related injuries.

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