Disposition of Town Owned Lands

Real Property Disposal By-law

On April 28, 2022, Town Council approved Real Property Disposal By-law 22-20 to govern the process for disposition of Town Land.

Unless an exemption under By-law 22-20 applies, the following steps shall be undertaken by the Town:

  1. The land shall be declared surplus by Resolution of Council in accordance with the procedures within Schedule A to By-law 22-20.
  2. The method by which the land is to be disposed of shall be approved by Council.
  3. The means by which the costs associated with the disposition to be recovered, must be approved by Council.
  4. At least one appraisal shall be obtained.
  5. Notice of a proposed disposition shall be provided to the public in accordance with the Town’s Notice By-law.
  6. The Terms and Conditions of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale must be negotiated.

For further details, please see By-law 22-20.

Third Party Request to Acquire Town Land

The process for considering whether to declare land surplus may be initiated either by the Town or in response to a request from a third party to acquire a particular piece of land. For Third Party requests, please complete the Request Form and return it to Planning@erin.ca