Community Grant Applications

The Town of Erin supports local non-profit, charitable, and youth organizations by providing financial assistance to not-for-profit organizations, through the Community Grant.
Grants will be allocated to a maximum  $3,000 per application per budget year.

The deadline for applications has been extended until February 4, 2022.


Applications for Community Grants will be accepted from any individual, group, or organization operating on a not-for-profit basis having a formal organizational structure (i.e. Board of Directors, Committee structure, or a structure similar in nature), including environmentally oriented projects. The applicant must be providing local services, products, programs or initiatives that benefit the majority of the Town of Erin and its residents. 

The following organizations are not eligible for Community Grants:

  • Faith Organizations
  • Political Affiliations
  • Hospitals, clinic-based or medical treatment services
  • Educational institutions
  • Government (i.e. Federal, Provincial, County and Municipal).

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