Marriage Licences

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, please refer to the Town of Erin – Marriage Licence Requirements in order to apply for a marriage licence. The cost of the licence is $135.

Before you submit your application form

The following links provide further information prior to submitting your application:

After reviewing the above information, please complete the Marriage Licence Application Form and submit it to If required, please complete the forms below:

If you have any further questions please email or call 519-855-4407 ext 223.

Civil Marriage Services

Application for a Civil Marriage Service Civil Marriage By-Law

All applicants seeking a civil marriage service are required to submit the above form either in person at Town Hall or by e-mail to

Marriage Licence fee: $135

Civil marriage fees are as follows:

Type of Service Fee
Office Service (by appointment only) $250.00
After Hours Office Service (by appointment only) $350.00
Special Off Site Service, Saturdays (by appointment only) $400.00
Witness (during office hours) $25

Ceremonies will be conducted in the Town of Erin Council Chamber located at 5684 Trafalgar Rd. Hillsburgh, ON, by appointment only.

Contact the Clerk’s Office to book your appointment. The prescribed Fee for an Office Service is payable to the Town of Erin.

Changes to date and/or time are allowed at no additional charge provided that the location and the official are available. An administration fee of $100.00 will be charged if the ceremony is cancelled prior to the scheduled date. No refund will be issued if the ceremony is cancelled on the day of the ceremony, or the applicant(s) do not show up for the ceremony.

The ceremony will take approximately 30 minutes. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the ceremony to allow time to review the marriage application form and final details.

A request for a civil ceremony is to be received at least seven days prior to the date of the ceremony subject to availability.

Please be advised:

  • Both parties must be in attendance and provide photo identification
  • If specific vows are to be included, please provide a written copy
  • Marriage Licence to be presented (date issued to be within 3 months of ceremony)
  • Fee to be paid in full

Alcohol or stimulants are not to be used by the celebrants or their witnesses prior to or during the ceremony. If the Official believes that alcohol or other stimulants have been used, the ceremony will not proceed.

In order to maintain the dignity of the ceremony, clothing should be appropriate for the occasion.

Music will be permitted before and after the ceremony (applicants to provide equipment). When selecting the type of music, consideration should be given to its appropriateness and contribution to the dignity of the occasion.

A maximum of 20 guests (not including the bride, groom and designated witnesses) can be accommodated during the ceremony.

The taking of photographs will permitted during the ceremony unless otherwise decided by the couple. An opportunity will be provided for photos before the ceremony begins, during the signing of the register and when the ceremony has been completed.

Absolutely no confetti, rice, bubbles, candles etc. are allowed in the municipal council chamber.

Cell phones must be turned off prior to the commencement of the ceremony and not permitted until all documents are signed and witnessed.

Minimal decorations are permitted (e.g. flowers, balloons). They may be placed 15 minutes prior to the ceremony and removed within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the ceremony.

It is the applicants’ responsibility to provide an interpreter if they do not speak English and/or require language assistance. The interpreter should not be one of the witnesses. The interpreter will be required to sign a form that he/she has interpreted the wedding ceremony.

There is no minimum age requirement for a witness, however, it is suggested they should be at least 16 years of age, and should be able to understand and appreciate the nature of the ceremony and be able to give evidence of such at a later date, if required.

The Record of Solemnization of Marriage given at the ceremony is not a legal record. Approximately 6-8 weeks after the ceremony, you may apply to the Office of the Registrar General to obtain a Certificate of Marriage. You may need a Certificate of Marriage to show legal proof you are married, apply for certain social benefits, settle an estate, change a last name, or assume a last name after marriage. 

Special Celebration Certificates

The Town of Erin will send out a Special Celebration Certificate to Town residents for the following:

  • 25th wedding anniversary or other special anniversary and any subsequent anniversary in five year intervals
  • Special birthdays - personal or other special birthdays