Yes, if you are going to have any open fire - bon fire, burn pit, chiminia, you must apply for an Annual Burn Permit at a cost of $25.00. A Burn Permit By-law is given out with the Burn Permit outlining the fire regulations.

Annual dog tags are $25.00 each up to and including March 31st. On April 1 the cost increases to $35.00 per tag. Replacement tags can be purchased for $5.00. Tags can be purchased online through DocuPet (https://erin.docupet.com/en_CA/), or over the phone by contacting DocuPet at 1-855-249-1370. 

Please visit the Road FAQ page for the answer to this question.

The County of Wellington look after all Solid Waste Services - garbage collection, recycling collection and the transfer station. Please contact them for further information at (519) 837-2601 or 1-866-899-0248 and hit "0" for immediate service.

Call the Town of Erin Public Work Roads Department at 519-855-4407 Ext. 254 to advise us that there is a problem with your streetlight. Please leave your name and the address of the light. Once several have been reported the crew is dispatched to make the repairs.

The Ontario Electronc Stewardship is the industry organization responsible for implementing the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Program, according the the Waste Diversion Act, 2002. The WEEE Program was developed with Waste Diversion Ontario. Click here for more information.

To contact EOS, email: info@ontarioelectronicstewardship.ca. Help keep unwanted electronics out of landfill.

Look on the County of Wellington website for their "new" Electronics Recycling Days.

Town wide Pool fencing is regulated by By-Law 09-14

Town of Erin fencing is regulated by By-Law 10-52

Agricultural fencing issues are dealt with under the Line Fences Act - Click here - the Provincial Line Fences Act prevail.

Call the Town and report it so that the operators are aware. Typically the brown colour is created by oxidized iron in the pipes being stirred up by high water flows. These flows can be caused by maintenance flushing or fire hydrant use. The iron in the water is oxidized by the chlorine in the water and settles to the bottom of the pipes. This is not a health concern. Please run your water. If it does not clear up, please inform the Town. Call 519-855-4407 ext 221.