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Planning Services for the Town of Erin are handled by the Town’s upper tier government at the County of Wellington.  This includes all issues related to:

Development Process Flowchart

Wellington County Official Plan

Site Plan Control is used by the Town of Erin to ensure that development is safe, functional, and compatible with surrounding neighbours and the overall community. This tool also allows for the Town to have specific quality and appearance standards that are reflected in each development project. The process and requirements of site plan control areas are outlined in Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act.
The Site Plan Control process allows for the entire site to be considered by Town Departments. It takes into consideration items such as landscaping, pedestrian and vehicular access, infrastructure and municipal services, drainage, and can ensure a property is aesthetically pleasing. The entire Town of Erin is designated as a Site Plan Control Area by By-law #01-32 and a sample site plan agreement is included in By-law #16-38. Although all of the Town is within the Site Plan Control Area, some development is exempt from the process.

All inquiries should be directed to Town of Erin Office planning contacts:


County of Wellington Planning Department toll free 1.800.663.0750


If you would like to determine the zoning provisions and requirements for a particular property, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate map from the list below;
  2. Locate the property on the map. The maps do not contain the street numbers, but they do show property lines;
  3. Record the zone that the property is located in. Note: Some properties may have a second zoning designation in addition to the original (ex: EP1 or EP2) - which has additional requirements;
  4. Once you have determined the zone, click on Planning Department By-Laws here;
  5. Under the Planning Department's list of By-Laws, click on Zoning By-Law #07-67 to determine the requirements for the zone that you looked up on the map; 
  6. Section 4 outlines the general provisions for different types of uses and restrictions for various properties, review all that apply; and

Note: Zoning provisions change periodically. We strive to ensure the maps are as current as possible, but differ. You may also wish to visit the Explore Wellington County Public Map here.

If you need information on zoning requirement for a specific property, please email It can take  up to 10 days to gather all information

The Town of Erin Zoning Maps

The Town of Erin Official Plan Maps

Guides & Documents

Sourcewater Protection

Conservation Authority Determination

To determine if your property is within the Regulated Areas of the Grand River Conservation, click here.

To determine if your property is within the Regulated Areas of the Credit Valley Conservation call toll free: 1.800.668.5557, online mapping is not available to date.


Servicing and Settlement Master Plan has been completed and is available to view at the Municipal Office, the local libraries and is available in Public Notices. CD's are also available for $20.

The Planning Department is a liaison between the community, stakeholder groups, the study consultants, Town of Erin Council, the Province and other government agencies.

Tree Cutting

For regulations on Tree Cutting in the Town of Erin please review the Wellington County Tree By-Law 5090-09.

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