Mill History in Erin Village Walking Trails

The Town of Erin Recreation and Culture Committee along with WeCare of Credit Valley Conservation are pleased to announce the opening of the Mill History in Erin Village walking trails. Maps have been located at Woollen Mill Lane at the entrance to the trail as well as at the McMillan Park at 109 Main Street. If you want to see a little of the history of the Village - go take a hike!

Community and Culture

The Elora Cataract Trail passes right through the Town of Erin along the old railway bed that was originally the Credit Valley Railway from 1879 and then the CPR from 1884. Passengers were carried along this line until 1958. Freight (mostly locally grown potatoes) was shipped from along this line making it very profitable for many, many years. All trains were discontinued and the tracks were torn up in 1988.

It is a wonderful adventure travelling along the well maintained trail either walking, bicycling, horseback riding (depending upon trail condition), and snowmobiling in the winter.

We ask that you be a conscientious trail user to keep the trail beautiful and safe for all users. As different types of users may encounter other types of users, please be polite and careful of each other so that everyone has a good "trail" experience.

For more information please visit the Elora Cataract Trail website at or call 1-877-242-6353.

There is a total of approximately 15 km. of trails in the Town of Erin - come take a walk or a ride!

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