Heritage Permit Process

A heritage permit is required for any change to a designated property that is likely to impact one or more heritage attributes on a property. A building permit application will not be accepted until the Heritage Permit process is complete.

  • All new construction including new additions to existing structures and new independent structures such as garages, sheds, porches, decks and steps
  • Alteration, addition, removal or replacement of windows, doors, porches, verandahs, chimneys, cladding, roofing material, trim and other exterior details of a structure
  • Demolition of a structure or part of a structure
    NOTE - A Notice of Intention is required before submitting a Demolition Permit, along with the required material as per the Heritage By-law
  • Change in paint colour of exterior elements of a structure
  • New signage
  • Hard landscaping such as the alteration, addition, removal or replacement of patios, fences, gates, trellises, arbours, gazebos, retaining walls and walkways
  • Routine maintenance and minor repairs to exterior features
  • Re-painting of architectural elements in the same colour
  • Replacement of standard and non-historic eavestroughs and downspouts
  • Soft landscape work (i.e. plantings)
  • Internal changes to a building

NOTE - designation by-laws can protect interior elements

  1. Pre-Consultation meeting with Staff
  • Before submitting a formal heritage permit application, applicants may be required to meet with Planning Staff and the Town of Erin Heritage Committee members to discuss the proposed alterations. This meeting is an important step in determining submission requirements for a complete application.
  1. Submission of complete application
  • Application is to be submitted digitally to planning@erin.ca. Staff will review the application to deem it complete or incomplete. Should the application be complete, it is forwarded to the Town of Erin Heritage Committee for review.
  • Application Form
  1. Heritage Committee Meeting
  • If the delegated approval authority is the Director of Planning & Development, Planning Staff present a Recommendation Report to the Committee for feedback and input.
  • If the delegated approval authority is Council, Planning Staff present a Recommendation Report for Committee’s consideration. The Committee makes a recommendation on the application and forwards the recommendation to Council for a final decision.
  • The applicant may be required to present before the Heritage Committee.
  1. Council Meeting
  • Council to make a decision on the application.
  • Council’s decision may be appealed within 30 days of receipt of notice.