Erin Economic Development Committee

Council Representative: Councillor Cathy Aylard


To advise and assist the Council through the office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and/or designated staff and citizens of the Town of Erin on matters associated with the ongoing economic well-being and future prosperity of the community.

Economic Development Committee meetings are usually held the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:45 PM  (unless scheduled differently)

Location: Town of Erin Municipal Office

Guiding Principles

Principles that guide the work of the economic development include:

  • A commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all residents
  • A commitment to responsible and sustainable growth
  • A commitment to ensuring opportunity for successive generations of Erin residents
  • A commitment to collaboration and partnership to achieve common objectives


  1. Business Attraction:
    To proactively and systematically reach out to and support existing Erin businesses and agricultural enterprises;
    Connect small businesses and agricultural enterprises in the Town to sources of assistance, including through seminars and regular visits of partner representatives.
  2. Entrepreneurial Hub:
    Study and learn from other shared space, incubator and business service models, and explore the scope for linkages with nearby post-secondary educational institutions;
    Support the integration of innovation and support services and programs at a hub to drive business creation, growth and scaling for early stage ventures, providing shared office space, broadband access, and meeting and seminar space;
    Seek to establish the hub as the "go-to" location for small businesses and agricultural enterprises to access entrepreneurial and innovation assistance.
  3. Tourism Development:
    Foster collaboration, strategy development, cooperative initiatives, branding and signature events among the Town's tourism-related establishments and assist them in creating awareness of tourism's benefits to the local community. Facilitate growth in Tourism offerings, capacity and collaboration;
    Participate in the development of a new multi-year Tourism Destination Marketing Plan which can be recommended to Council for consideration. 

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