Internet Service

Building better internet service and connectivity in Wellington County

Most of Southwestern Ontario is not served by fibre optics today. A lot of rural areas don't even have access to internet. 

Wellington County is one of the 18 partners across Southwestern Ontario in the regional SWIFT (Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology) initiative, bringing broadband to our rural communities. 

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Hotspot Lending Programme
Wellington County libraries have Hotspot lending programme for WI-FI

In a 2012, a reported 14% of Wellington County residents did not have access to the Internet in their home. Increasingly, information can only be found online, with students, job seekers, and small business owners relying on access. The public computers and free WI-FI already available in the County's library branches continue to see increased use every year. 

Providers in Erin

  • Internet Access Solutions Inc. (IASL)
  • Bell Canada
  • Xplornet Communications Inc.
  • Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
  • Satronics
  • Teksavvy
  • Shaw
  • EBox Electronic Box Inc.
  • Basic ISP
  • Telacor
  • Accelerated Connections