Official Plan, Urban Design Guidelines and Zoning By-law


An Official Plan is a statutory document which sets out the land use policy directions for long-term growth and development in a municipality. Municipalities in Ontario are required to adopt Official Plans to guide growth and development that will implement the Ontario Planning Act and other relevant legislation and regulations.

The County of Wellington's Official Plan provides the overall framework for Erin's Official Plan.

Town of Erin’s Official Plan

View the Town of Erin’s Official Plan - Office Consolidation (January 2023).

Urban Design Guidelines

The Urban Design Guidelines provide both broad and specific recommendations and strategies for architectural and community design to ensure that the character defining elements of the community are maintained and enhanced through new development as well as within existing areas. Designers will use the Guidelines to help promote a healthy, sustainable and attractive community with a focus on walkability, variety, connectivity, conservation, safety and commercial viability.

The Town of Erin Urban Design Guidelines are to be used by Town staff, developers, property owners and designers throughout the development process including subdivision planning, site plan development, landscape creation and building design. This includes its connections to the surrounding rural landscapes and Erin’s historic downtowns.

View the Urban Design Guidelines.

Town of Erin’s Zoning By-law

View the office consolidation of the Town of Erin’s Zoning By-law 07-67

If you would like to determine the zoning provisions and requirements for a particular property, please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the zoning for the property using Explore Wellington Interactive Map;
  2. Once you have determined the zone or zones, determine the requirements for the zone(s) within Zoning By-law 07-67;
  3. Section 4 outlines the general provisions for different types of uses and restrictions for various properties, review all that apply.

Note: Zoning provisions change periodically. We strive to ensure the schedules below are as current as possible. We recommend you use the Explore Wellington County Public Map to confirm the zoning of a property.

If you need information on zoning requirement for a specific property, please email