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Social Media Terms of Service:

The Town of Erin recognizes that social media platforms are critical for communicating and engaging with Town residents. In order to provide a space that is open and friendly, users on our channels must agree to the following Terms of Service.

Our Administrators reserve the right to block members and delete the following comments or messages:

  • Messages that are hateful, offensive, discriminatory, violent, sexual, or comments that contain personal attacks, encourage or incite hatred or violence or reasonably compromise public safety
  • Messages that are illegal or encourage illegal activities, including defamation, fraud, breaching privacy, copyright, or intellectual property rights
  • Messages containing spam or posts for commercial advertising purposes or endorsements
  • Repetitive posts or frequently duplicated unrelated messages
  • Messages that falsely claim to represent a person or organization or posted by someone using more than one account

Please be aware of the following:

  • The Town's liking, following, retweeting, messaging, or sharing of content should not be interpreted as any kind of endorsement
  • When you engage on the Town of Erin’s social media, you are always subject to the host website's Terms of Service
  • The Town is not responsible for any personal information or other information posted on public social media channels. All personal information on public social media channels is considered a record available to the general public in accordance with section 27 of The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • The Town may collect some of your information only when necessary for the proper administration of a lawfully authorized activity (for example, filling in a pothole) in accordance with MFIPPA 28(2) and under the authority of section 11(1) and 227(c) of the Municipal Act
  • All information used for engagement with our social media channels is subject to collection by organizations outside of Canada or storage and access on servers not belonging to the government
  • Please protect other's privacy. Unless you have the consent to do so, do not post any personal information of other's including:
    • Identifying particulars, such as a picture of someone's face
    • Name, email address, phone number, or address
    • Criminal, health, employment, or financial history
    • Identifying numbers

This Terms of Service is subject to change without notice.