Site Alteration Permit

The Town of Erin's By-law #16-30 prohibits and regulates the removal of topsoil, the placing or dumping of fill and the alteration of the grade of land in areas within the Town (i.e. Site Alteration By-law). 

No person shall undertake site alteration or cause site alteration to be undertaken unless a site alteration permit has been issued to undertake such site alteration.

Do I require a Site Alteration Permit

You may be exempt from a Site Alteration Permit. Please complete the Exemption Sheet and submit it to Staff will provide confirmation that a Permit is or is not required. If a Permit is required, please proceed with the steps outlined below.

Site Alteration Permit Process

  1. Once you have reviewed the By-law to determined that a Site Alteration Permit is required, please contact to obtain an Application Requirement Checklist. Please note that a Public Meeting and Site Alteration Agreement is required for Large Scale Site Alteration.
  2. Complete and submit the Site Alteration Application with all submission requirements.
  3. Pay the permit fee once an invoice is issued.
  4. A Permit shall be issued following the satisfaction of all requirements.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns about Site Alterations, please email