Equine Sector

The town of Erin is located in Headwaters Horse Country, which is home to more than 2,000 horse farms, 23,000 horses and hundreds of businesses that support these horses and their owners.

The structure of the equine industry is diverse and offers a wide variety of business opportunities. These business opportunities occur both within the traditional definition of an agricultural operation (land and livestock based) as well as in the provision of other products and services which are not farm-based but directly involve and effect the management, production, sale, competition and use of horses.

The economic impact of the sector to the Headwater Region is conservatively estimated to be at a minimum of $100,000,000 annually for ongoing operating costs with a further $300,000,000 spent on property improvements including barns and arenas and as investment in horses.

Erin has more than 5,000 horses and 421 farms. Erin’s equine and equine-related agri-business sector is an important facet of economic prosperity, economic development and sustainable quality of life for business owners, residents and visitors to the Town of Erin.

The Town of Erin produces a high profile Horse & Country magazine annually.  The magazine contains local stories featuring horse people living and working in Erin, a directory of horse/equine businesses and horse and country events.

Current Projects

The Town of Erin proposes to establish a Town of Erin Horse Council. The EHC will be comprised of business and horse owners who are working and living in Erin.  This committee will meet bi-annually to advise and inform the Economic Development department on issues of interest and concern to the horse industry in Erin (offerings, safety, signage, trails) and new trends to support economic drivers and tourism offerings.

Equine Economic Development Task Force Report

Report and findings demonstrating sustainable and innovative economic development in Erin, leveraging the existing local equine industry as a starting point.

Part I   Equine Economic Development Report

Part II  Appendices A-D Rural Economic Development Program

Part III Appendices D1-D11 Survey Findings


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