Outdoor Facilities

Open Sports Field or Diamond for Permit Holders

An "OPEN" sports facility is available for current permit holders as designated by the Parks & Recreation staff. However, when sports facilities are designated open, pre-game field checks still must be completed by the referee or umpire and coaches to verify the safety and playability of the surface at that time. Fields that have become unsafe since the last inspection or are in a position to sustain significant surface damage should be "closed" by the referees and/or coaches.

Closed Fields or Diamonds

It may be necessary to close the fields or diamonds for play due to adverse weather conditions, unsafe playing conditions or outdoor facility renovations in order to avoid injuries to players and to prevent major damage to turf.

During periods of potential inclement weather, generally November to April, when normal play may cause damage to fields/diamonds, or compromise the safety of users, outdoor facilities are inspected and reported upon as to the present conditions.

Field or Diamond Inspection Procedure

These inspections occur daily during the business week to determine the outdoor facility status. Parks & Recreation staff report on conditions daily prior to 2pm for daily status.

Prior to 2pm on Fridays, the weekend facility status will be reported. This status applies for the entire weekend until further inspections and reports to the website are updated, on the first business day of the next week. Facility status over the weekend cannot be changed but are monitored, to ensure safety.

Outdoor facilities are closed to prevent situations that may lead to player injury and degradation of the facility surfaces. Conditions that warrant closures are:

  • Standing water
  • Frozen or snow covered field surface
  • Excessive wear
  • Excessive frost
  • Weather forecasts stating inclement weather

Facility Status

"CLOSED" status indicates the facility is unavailable for play until the next inspection date.

Rule of Thumb: Facility is always closed when there is standing water, frost or snow on them.


Facility Status Notes
Barbour Field Sports Park
Diamond A Open  
Diamond B Open  
Field 1 Open  
Field 2E Open  
Field 2W Open  
Field 3E Open  
Field 3W Open  
Field 4 Open  
Field 5 Open  
Erin Community Centre
Diamond 1 Open  
Field 1 Open  
Victoria Park
Diamond 1 Open  

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