Town of Erin offering drive-through marriage service on September 9

Date: Aug 17, 2022

Town of Erin offering drive-through marriage service on September 9

ERIN, ON: The Town of Erin continues to look at providing innovative and alternative approaches to providing service excellence. In partnership with local businesses, the Town is offering a unique experience of a drive-through marriage service on September 9, 1 to 4 pm. Couples that already have a valid marriage licence will be able to drive through and get married outside of Town Hall, no appointments are required.

The newly-married couples will receive a surprise ‘exclusively Erin’ gift, generously donated by the local business community.

“It is the Town’s strategic priority to be innovative in providing service excellence and facilitating partnerships within the community to promote tourism and economic development,” commented Mayor Allan Alls. “Last year Council passed a resolution to offer marriage solemnization services by the Town, and we are taking it a little further with this unique and fun opportunity for those who are ready to tie the knot.”

“This a unique opportunity to not only partner with and showcase our local businesses, but to also generate service enhancements,” said Lisa Campion, Director of Legislative Services and Clerk. “We heard from multiple couples that they want a “bare-minimum” ceremony to get the legal work done, while they plan a larger ceremony at a later date. We have also heard of the backlogs experienced in our neighbouring communities due to COVID 19. So we decided to step in and offer this service.”

A civil marriage ceremony costs $250 and for those who don’t have a licence and would like to get one, information is available here.