Water Billing

Water Billing

Town of Erin Water meters are read quarterly, March, June, September and December. Water bills are mailed at the end of each quarter and are due the last Wednesday of the following month (unless otherwise stated on the water bill). The rate, due date and other pertinent information is included on the water bill
If you are moving into a new residence in the Town of Erin and need to set up a new water account, please submit a Water Service change of occupancy request form.

Monitor your water bill for unusually high use. Your bill and water meter are tools that can help you discover leaks. Check your water meter, which is located in the basement of your home. Some water meters have a triangular dial beside the numbers that record the volume of water used. This dial turns wen water is running through the meter. If the dial is moving while there is not water being used in the house, there is a water leak somewhere. Other meters are digital and require you to shine a flashlight onto the meter to turn the digital display on. If there is a leak, it will show a flow rate greater than zero when there is no known water use. If it has been determined that there is no leak in your house, please request an Account Review.
Register for paperless water billing and have your quarterly bill emailed to you. To sign up, please submit your email address to water@erin.ca.
Never pay a penalty fee again! Enroll in our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.
Well water testing sample bottles are available at the Town of Erin Municipal Office. For more information on the Waster Test Program, please visit: wdgpublichealth.ca/your-home/well-water-testing
The Town of Erin Water Service are not part of Ontario One Call. Homeowners and Contractors can request locates through Ontario One Call by phone at 1.800.400.255 or online at on1call.com
On October 20, 2015 the Town of Erin Council passes By-Law 15-42, enacting rules and regulations and establishing water service rates and fees for the water systems servicing the Town of Erin. The Town of Erin is currently reviewing the Water Rates for 2020-2025.

Enrollment in the pre-authorized payment plan is automatically renewed each year and information about the next year's payment amount will be sent to you.

  • If, for any reason, a payment is returned, you will be subject to a finance charge and applicable penalties. The amount of the returned payment plus finance charge and applicable penalties will be added to your next month's payment. If any two payments should be returned, your enrollment in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan will be terminated.


If, for any reason, you wish to be removed from this payment plan, or if your banking information changes, you must notify the Town Office in writing at least thirty (30) days before the next pre-authorized payment is due.

Complete and sign the Water Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form and attach an unsigned blank cheque marked "Void".

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