Town Council

Town of Erin Council is elected in a municipal election held every four years. The Council consists of the Mayor and four councillors.

Our municipality is divided into ten polls but all of the Members of Council represent the whole Town, not just specific areas. The Corporation of the Town of Erin is a Statutory Corporation and may exercise only those powers granted to it by specific legislation or assumed by it from more general legislation. The Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 , S.O. 2001, c.25 is the most comprehensive Act from which the Council is assigned the majority of its authority.

General Municipal Powers

Powers of a natural person - A municipality has the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of a natural person for the purpose of exercising its authority under this or any other Act.

The Town of Erin is represented on County Council by two representatives, one being the Mayor and the other an elected county councillor.

Members of the Council

  • Mayor Allan (Al) Alls
  • Councillor John Brennan
  • Councillor Jamie Cheyne
  • Councillor Michael Robins
  • Councillor Rob Smith
  • County Councillor Jeff Duncan


Acting Mayor Schedule