Public Notices

Important SSMP Update June 2013

Date: Jun 25, 2013

The Town of Erin has completed a detailed review of the Draft Town of Erin Servicing and Settlement Master Plan Final Report and has concluded that it is not sufficiently complete for Council to consider the recommendations of the Draft Report at this time. 

Comparison with the Terms of Reference for the SSMP has identified significant gaps that remain to be completed by the SSMP consultant team, including a comprehensive financial analysis and the completion of the assimilative capacity study. 

Town Council has also been advised by CVC that an additional seven (7) months of data collection is required before the assimilative capacity study can be competed.

The SSMP consultant has been directed by the Town to prepare a work plan and timeline to address the deficiencies and complete the SSMP Report in accordance with the Terms of Reference for the Study.  Completion of the Study will also require additional input and meetings with the Public, Liaison Committee and Core Management Group before a final draft report will be available for Council’s review and consideration. 

Transition Erin and the Erin Concerned Citizens Group will be given the opportunity to appoint one of their members to sit on the Liaison Committee.  The work plan and timeline for completion of the SSMP final draft Report will be released as soon as it is available.

Town Council has appointed Dale Murray, P.Eng. of Triton Engineering Services Limited to be the Project Manager for the Town to oversee the completion of the SSMP by the SSMP consultant.

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