Privacy Legislation

In the municipal sector, access and privacy are governed by the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act. This legislation provides that an individual has a Right to access certain information kept by a municipality that a municipality must protect the personal and proprietary information in its custody.

MFIPPA contains mandatory and discretionary exemptions that a municipality may use to limit the disclosure of certain records which ensure that privacy is protected. These exemptions are only used in specific instances and will determine how much information is provided in response to a request made.

Anyone may request information from the Town. The Town will make every effort to provide information without the need to make a formal request under MFIPPA. However, when an individual requests information about another person - or the information contains details regarding a third party - a formal request is necessary.

To make a MFIPPA request, please complete a Freedom of Information Request Form.

For further information, please call Dina Lundy at (519) 855-4407 extension 233 or email to