Livestock Evaluator


The Town of Erin provides a service to provide relief to farmers who lose livestock due to animal attacks.


Under the Ontario Livestock, Poultry and Honey Bee Protection Act (LPHBPA), livestock and poultry producers are entitled to make claims to their local municipality for livestock losses attributable to attacks by wolves, coyotes or dogs. 

If a farmer discovers that one of their farm animals has died, do not touch the animal or disturb the surrounding area.  Immediately, the farmer must contact one of our local livestock valuers:

  • By-Law Officer (519) 855-4407 Ext 261
  • Rob Fletcher (519) 855-6303 or cell 519-820-7885 
  • Sara Parkinson (519) 855-4503

The livestock valuer will determine the type of kill involved and obtain any other necessary information as required.

When the on-site evaluation is completed, the livestock owner (or livestock valuer) must then attend at the Town Office, which is located at 5684 Trafalgar Rd. (south of Hillsburgh), with the required documentation for processing.

The Town of Erin will then assess each claim on a case-by-case basis and begin the process for reimbursement if applicable. 

Maximum amounts of compensation are regulated and a  fact sheet regarding this program can be found on the website for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

For additional information, please contact Lisa Campion by calling (519) 855-4407 ext 248 or email to


The Town Appointed Livestock Valuers duties include:

  • Valuers are responsible for conducting an investigation, assessing the extent and amount of damage and determine an award regarding livestock claims. The compensation is limited to a maximum dollar value for each class of livestock as stated by regulation. 
  • The calculation of the award is generally based on an estimate of the weight of the animal and the current market price. 
  • Valuers muct determine the type of predator responsible for the losses. If a predator was responsible then he/she must determine whether the predator was a dog, coyote or wolf and determine the extent and amount of the award.
  • The Valuer must state clearly all the specific evidence that led him/her to conclude that wolves were responsible for the loss/damage. The valuer is expected to list all of the particulars that lead to the conclusions of the cause of death, the predator which caused the damage, and the assessment of reasonable care having been taken.
  • The valuer is expected to estimate the live weight of the animal killed or injured and compensation based on market value of the animal involved.