Emergency Measures

Emergency Plan

Fire & Emergency Services

Linda Dickson, CEMC for the County of Wellington, manages Emergency Management Services in Wellington County.  The Town of Erin is covered under this umbrella.  The Emergency Plan is on the County's website. Be prepared, not scared.

Dedicated and highly trained volunteers provide fire and emergency services to the Town of Erin, whether the emergency is a fire, a motor vehicle collision, a C0 call, a medical emergency or any other type of emergency situation. Our fire department provides a quick response to any emergency situation.

A vehicle with a green flashing light is a Volunteer Firefighter responding to an emergency call. Please move over to the right of the road to let the vehicle with the green flashing light past.

Emergency Key Security Boxes

Erin Fire & Emergency Services has adopted a program utilizing Emergency Key Security Boxes. These boxes are to be installed at the main gate entrances of residences and commercial properties and contain a key to permit the Fire Department to enter onto the property. The installation of these boxes is strictly voluntary. The Emergency Key Box Program will reduce our response time to your residence and reduce property damage in the event of an emergency.

For more information please call at (519) 855-4407 Ext. 262 or email fire@erin.ca

Letter to Property Owners re: Emergency Key Box Program
Key Box Program Application Form

Fire Safety Plan

Here are some Fire Safety Plan templates that can be used to submit your Fire Safety Plan for approval from the Town of Erin Fire & Emergency Services.