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The Town of Erin Building Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of various Provincial Regulations and Policies such as the Ontario Building Code Act, Planning Act and Drainage Act as they apply to buildings, structures and their occupancy and in accordance with municipal bylaws such as the Building Bylaw, Zoning Bylaw, Property Standards Bylaw, Sign Bylaw and Pool Fence Bylaw. This is accomplished through the issuance of building, septic, demolition, change of use and sign permits and by conducting inspections relating to same.

The building and septic system permit application, Application to Construct or Demolish, plans review & inspection process ensures that all health & safety standards have been met. This process was established under the Building Code in order to protect the owner and the public from deficient building standards. Depending on the location and type of project, other approvals may be required. Contact the Building Department for the list of approvals that are required for submission to the Building Department in order to obtain a building, demolition or septic permit.

Source Water Protection information:


To book an inspection, please call 519.855.4407 Ext. 237 or email
You must provide project address, permit number, type of inspection requested and your contact information.

Please see the attached list of inspections. This form will be provided with your permit documents and the required inspections will be indicated: Inspection Required Checklist

Chief Building Official, Paul Evans  519-855-4407 Ext. 224 or email

Building and Planning Technician, Joanna Salsberg 519-855-4407 Ext. 240 or email to for property information reports ($75), general zoning and official plan questions, building permit requirements, minor variances, general source water protection enquiries, realtor enquiries, and consent applications.

For general building permit requirements and planning enquiries, please email:

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