Road FAQ's

My driveway gets filled with snow to great depths every time the plow comes around, but my neighbour across the road gets almost nothing. Can't you take the snow somewhere else?

When a snowplow turns to the right it sweeps a much larger area of the road than when it is travelling straight. The snow also does not discharge from the plow when it is turning hard to the right because the plows are angled from left to right on the truck. Turning right effectively make the plow push all the snow ahead instead of moving it from the centre of the road to the side. The first driveway encountered after the plow straightens out usually gets more snow than others in the immediate area. If there is enough room the operator can sometimes get rid of some of the snow before the driveway is reached. A fixed snowplow cannot carry snow around to put it where desired. The plow moves the snow from the centre of the road to the side of the road - the operator cannot change this.

The snowplow has knocked off my mailbox, what can be done about this?

Current policy states that the Public Works Department will only replace a mailbox if it has been physically hit by the snowplow. Mailboxes hit by snow coming off the plow will not be replaced by the Town. The responsibility for maintaining mailboxes lie with the owner of the box. Mailbox owners are required to repair their own mailboxes that have been damaged by snow impact. Please reattach the mailbox securely to prevent this from happening again. The Town has specific mailbox installation instructions available. If you live on a county road, please call the County of Wellington at (519) 837-2601.

Please follow the Canada Post Mailbox Installation guidelines when putting up your mailbox.

The snowplow has dug into my lawn at the front of my property? What are you going to do about it?

Unfortunately, sometimes the plow will dig into the side of the road or the ditch (which is still part of the Town's road allowance), if the ground is not frozen or if there is an accumulation of snow and the operator cannot see the edge. The snow clearing vehicles are large and in a big storm, we are trying to clear the streets as quickly as possible. We also try to push large snow banks back as far as possible to make room for new snow. The Road crew will come around in the spring to repair damage to the edge of the road. Please notify the Town so that your location can be added for spring repair.

Why is my street always plowed last?

Town of Erin roads and streets are cleared on a priority basis according to the classification/rating of each road within the Town. This is set out in the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highway, Ontario Regulation 239/02 made under the Municipal Act, 2002. For winter operations, these regulations specify our patrol frequency and clearance of snow/ice for each class of highway.

Why do they have to work overnight to clear the streets? The noise keeps me awake.

During the daytime, there is considerable vehicle and pedestrian traffic. To ensure everyone's safety, the removal of the snow banks along the street must be done overnight.

Why is it so dusty after the street has been swept? They didn't get it all.

The street sweeper cannot pick up the very finest particles of sand so therefore it may be dusty until the first rain washes the leftover fines away.

The stoplight is out, who do I call?

The County of Wellington take care of all of the traffic lights as they are all located on County Roads. Please call (519) 837-2601 to report any malfunctioning streetlights.

Our streetlight is out, or staying on, or coming on and going off - all signs of malfunction, who do I call?

Please call the Town office to report any malfunctioning streetlights. We repair a number at a time so please allow some time for the repair. If the light is not repaired after a couple of weeks, please make another call. Please call the Town of Erin Roads Dept. at (519) 855-4407 ext. 262

There is a dead animal on my street/road, who do I call?

If you live on a County road, please call the County of Wellington at (519) 837-2601. Otherwise, please call the Town of Erin Roads Dept. at (519) 855-4407 ext. 262 and the road crew will pick the animal up as soon as possible.

Someone has dumped garbage along the road, who do I call?

Please call the Town of Erin Roads Dept. at (519) 855-4407 ext. 262 and the road crew will pick up the garbage as soon as possible. Steps are taken to identify where the garbage originated and charges will be laid on the offender if possible.