History of Erin Township

Erin Township is said to have been so named by the surveyors, because it was surveyed immediately after the Townships of Albion and Caledon. Albion suggested England, Caledon suggested Scotland, and it was thought fitting that the third should suggest Ireland; so they called it Erin, the poetic name for Ireland.

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Original Township Map Original Village Layout

Old Township of Erin and Village of Erin information has been archived at the Wellington County Museum.

For more interesting historical information please visit www.wcm.on.ca or contact:

Wellington County Museum & Archives
RR#1 Fergus, ON
N1M 2W3
0536 County Road 18
(between Fergus and Elora)

Interesting Historical Books

  • Hillsburgh's Heydey by Patricia Kortland printed by the Boston Mills Press
  • Centennial History 1842 - 1967 - Erin Township and Erin Village - author unknown
  • The History of Wellington County by Jean F. Hutchison printed by Landsborough Printing Limited
  • Main Street - A Pictorial History of Erin Village - cooperative effort by Annie Cook, Bill Weber and Jean Denison - published by the Boston Mills Press
  • Early History of the Township of Erin by C. J. McMillan printed by the Boston Mills Press

We have used interesting excerpts from these books within the website. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in these books.

Do You Remember These Photos?

Front of Historic Grocery Store
Hillsburgh Lacey Bros Grocery Store

These photos are of Lacey's General Store, then Dymck's, then demolished to make room for the current Foodland parking lot (corner of Trafalgar and George St.) There were actually six general stores in Hillsburgh at one time.

Erin's Main Street Erin's Main Street

These photos of Erin's Main Street - the Foodland now houses several unique shops that draw visitors to our Town.

Entrance to Stanley Park

Entrance to Stanley Park way back when!

McKinnon Homestead Farmhouse

McKinnon Homestead Farmhouse

Former Co-Op

Former Co-Op now Budsons and the Post Office back when!

Main Street Erin

Main Street Erin - the earlier motorcycle set!

Sunday afternoon at Stanley Park

Sunday afternoon at Stanley Park

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church before the fire that destroyed it and the home to the north of the rebuilt church, where the church parking lot is located now.

Original Hillsburgh Post Office

Original Hillsburgh Post Office that was located south of the Hillsburgh Arena. The little building was moved to a farm north of the 'Burg.