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Hillsburgh Snow Roamers Inc.

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Hillsburgh Snow Roamers Inc. Erin's OFSC Trail System Snowmobile Club - since 1973 Our Mission To provide safe, smooth trails for the members of our club and members of the O.F.S.C. We also hope to generate friendship and camaraderie amongst our members. Club Profile The H.S.R is a non profit organization with an executive that makes decisions for the club. The executive is elected on a yearly basis. The club has 98 km of trail connected to the Fergus Elora Belwood Club to the North West and the Orangeville Club to the North East. We are a member of the O.F.S.C. and the Hillsburgh Snow Roamers are responsible for establishing the B202 trail. We operate and manage a portion of the Elora Cataract Trailway during the winter season. We have been told we have some of the best trails in the area. Please note speed limit on trail B202 is 30KPH. This is a multi-user trail. All other users have right of way over snowmobilers. When approaching pedestrians/skiers slow down! Make sure they are aware of your presence. Sometimes environmental conditions or the buzz from the hydro corridor will overpower the sound from your engine. When approaching persons on horseback come to a complete stop and wait to be signaled to pass. Please respect posted Quiet Zones. If the preceding requests are not met we may lose the use of the trail. Thank you .... happy snowmobiling!

Contact Info

Contact: Scott Patterson, President

Address: , Hillsburgh, ON N0B 1Z0

Phone: 519-760-3707



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