Project Background

In 2014, the Town of Erin completed a Servicing and Settlement Master Plan (SSMP) to address servicing, planning and environmental issues within the Town. The study area for the SSMP included the Village of Erin and Hillsburgh as well as a portion of the surrounding rural lands. The SSMP considered servicing and planning alternatives for wastewater and identified a preferred wastewater servicing strategy for existing and future development in the study area. The SSMP is available on the Town’s website at http://www.erin.ca/town-hall/public-notices

What is a Municipal Class EA?

The planning and design of municipal infrastructure projects must meet the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act, which is a provincially legislated document that governs all potential undertakings that have the potential to affect the natural, social, cultural, constructed or economic environments.

The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) applies to municipal infrastructure projects including roads, water, and wastewater projects. The Town of Erin Urban Centre Wastewater Servicing project is classified as a Schedule ‘C’ Class EA. Schedule ‘C’ projects are subject to a more in-depth examination of potential effects.

How is the Public Being Consulted?

The consultation program is being designed to promote two-way dialogue with the general public, local businesses, interest groups, Municipal Council, government review agencies, and Aboriginal communities.

We hope to hear from the public in a variety of ways. Different forums for consultation will be used, including:

  • A Public Liaison Committee to provide ongoing input and learning opportunities.
  • Public Information Centres planned for key points of the project.
  • Engagement of local businesses, the Erin Village Business Improvement Association (BIA), and the Let’s Get Hillsburgh Growing Committee.
  • Engagement of local interest groups.
  • Workshops with Municipal Council.

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Study Documents

In this section you will find a link to all publically available project documents. This list of available documents will grow over the course of the project as environmental studies are completed and as public consultation activities occur.

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