2017 Erin District High School Equine Event for Youth

2017 Headwaters Horse Country Awards of Excellence Winners

2017 Horse Country Stable Tour

Press Release - 2017 Equine Stable Tour

Equine Economic Development Task Force Report

Report and findings demonstrating sustainable and innovative economic development in Erin, leveraging the existing local equine industry as a starting point.

Part I Equine Economic Development Report

Part II  Appendices A-D Rural Economic Development Program

Part III Appendices D1-D11 Survey Findings

Guides & Documents

2017 Ontario Horse Racing Industry Survey

Equine Economic Development Report Presentation

Equine: Resource/Research Economic Impact

Equine Categories: Report from 2010/11, Equine Direction for Headwaters

Equine Industries: Report From 2011, Strategic Equine for Headwaters

Equine Safety Documents

Town of Erin Road Safety Handbook For Equestrians

Equine Organizations