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12-20-2016Regular Council Meeting 6:30PMAgenda
12-07-2016Special Budget Meeting # 3 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
12-06-2016Regular Council Meeting 1:00 PMAgendaMinutes
11-23-2016Special Budget Meeting # 2 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
11-15-2016Regular Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
11-08-2016Special Wastewater EA Council Meeting 4 PMAgendaMinutes
11-01-2016Public Info Mtg re Halton Crushed Stone 6:30 PM AgendaMinutes
10-26-2016Special Council Meeting 1PM - Draft 2017 BudgetAgendaMinutes
10-18-2016Council Meeting AgendaAgendaMinutes
10-12-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes
10-04-2016Council Meeting 1:00PMAgendaMinutes
09-28-2016Trails Advisory Committee - 6:00pmMinutes
09-13-2016Council Meeting 3:00 PM, Public Mtg 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
08-31-2016Trails Advisory Committee - 6:00pmMinutes
08-10-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes
08-09-2016Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
07-20-2016Trails Advisory Committee - 6:00pmMinutes
07-12-2016Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
07-11-2016CofA Meeting - Soso 7:00 PMAgenda
07-07-2016Special Council Meeting 3:00 PMAgendaMinutes
06-29-2016Special Council Mtg - Appoint Interim CAO 3 PMAgendaMinutes
06-23-2016Special Emergency Council Meeting 3:00 PMAgendaMinutes
06-22-2016Trails Advisory Committee - 7:00pmMinutes
06-21-2016Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
06-15-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes
06-07-2016Council Meeting 1 PMAgendaMinutes
05-19-2016Public Information Centre
05-18-2016CofA Meeting - Scappin 7:45 PMAgenda
05-18-2016CofA Meeting - Marshall 7:30 PMAgenda
05-18-2016CofA Meeting - Chillman 7:15 PMAgenda
05-18-2016CofA Meeting - Figliano 7:00 PMAgenda
05-17-2016Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
05-10-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes
05-03-2016Council Meeting Agenda 1 PMAgendaMinutes
04-25-2016Council Meeting - 5 Year Capital Plan - 7PMAgendaMinutes
04-19-2016Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
04-13-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes
04-05-2016Council Meeting 1 PMAgendaMinutes
03-22-2016Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
03-16-2016Committee of Adjustment Mtg - File A04-16 7:15 PMAgenda
03-01-2016Council Meeting 1 PMAgendaMinutes
02-26-2016Special Council Meeting 10 AMAgendaMinutes
02-26-2016Special Closed Council Meeting 11 AMAgendaMinutes
02-16-2016Council Meeting 6:30PMAgendaMinutes
02-16-2016Council Meeting 5PM 2016 Budget Public MtgAgendaMinutes
02-09-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes
02-02-2016Council Meeting 1PMAgendaMinutes
01-20-2016Committee of Adjustment Mtg - File A13-15 7:15 PMAgenda
01-20-2016Special Operating Budget Meeting # 2AgendaMinutes
01-20-2016Committee of Adjustment Mtg - File A12-15 7 PMAgenda
01-20-2016Committee of Adjustment Mtg - File A14-15 7:30 PMAgenda
01-19-2016Council Meeting 6:30 PMAgendaMinutes
01-14-2016Pblic Input Mtg re: Growth 6:30 PM Ctr 2000 TheatrAgendaMinutes
01-13-2016Operating Budget Meeting 10 AM - 4 PMAgendaMinutes
01-13-2016EEDC Meeting Agenda & MinutesAgendaMinutes