Seasonal Road Maintenance

Half Load Limits

In the spring of the year, load restrictions are in place when the roads are subject to breakup. The By-law comes into effect when the signs are erected on the section of the road in question and remains in effect until the signs are removed.

Half Load Limit By-Law

Spring Breakup Of Roads

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence on gravel roads when the frost is coming out in the spring of each year. Everything is done that can be done to lessen or eliminate the problem. Warning signs and tigertails will be placed to assist you. If road conditions deteriorate and become impassible, the road will be closed to prevent accident or damage to vehicles. Please drive according to road conditions. This is an element of living in the country in the springtime. It is only temporary but can be very frustrating to everyone involved. Your care and patience is appreciated.

Click Here for Information regarding Spring Half Load Limits and how our roads are constructed.

Street Sweeping

Every year the Town of Erin endeavours to have street sweeping completed by the 1st of June weather permitting.

Subcontractors perform the street sweeping service for the Town of Erin. They are given comprehensive maps of the areas requiring sweeping. It may take several weeks to complete sweeping in the municipality, depending on the weather.

Your street will be swept. Unfortunately, it may be a little noisy and very dusty during the street sweeping process. Once the sweeping has been completed there may still be some dust as these very fine particles of sand are left until the first rain washes them away.

Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Maintenance Gravel

Maintenance Gravel is applied as soon as the roads are in shape to carry the loaded gravel trucks. Once maintenance gravel application has begun, it means that there will be a large volume of gravel truck travel in specific areas of the municipality during the maintenance. This is only temporary and does not mean that your road has become a haul route for gravel trucks.

Dust Control

Dust Control to gravel roads is applied once the application of maintenance gravel has been completed.

Roadside Weed Control

Roadside Weed Control is managed with summer cutting. Please advise the municipality of any unsafe intersection visibility due to long grass and/or weeds.During the winter months the roads department operations are completed in accordance with Ontario Regulation 239/02.

Winter Control

Snow Plow

Routine winter road patrol is completed to identify problem areas and to give appropriate attention to them.

Click on the Weather Network to check out road and driving conditions.

Trucks with flashing blue lights are performing winter maintenance. Please give them room to work and pass with caution as visibility may be compromised with blowing snow. If a snowplow stops, it is likely to back up, so please give them lots of room. You can see them, but if you are driving a small car they may not see you if you are following too closely. Do not pull in behind any vehicle with a blue flashing light!

Snow Plow

Depending upon the severity of the storm, it takes approximately six (6) to eight (8) hours to clear all of the Town of Erin's roads. Please help by not calling during these times to report uncleared roads, sidewalks or plugged driveways. It is not possible to plow Erin's roads and sidewalks without blocking driveway entrances. It is the property owner's responsibility to safely clear the snow from their driveway entrance and from around their own mailbox.

Please do not plow snow over the ends of culverts as this can result in problems should a sudden thaw or rain occur.

Snow Plow

After a major storm, the snow banks will be pushed back to allow for the next snow fall. This makes the roads appear wider than they are and the ditches are hidden. Please use caution when pulling over to the side of the road, you may underestimate the width of the road and require the services of a tow truck to pull you out of the ditch.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act, Section 181, re: "deposit of snow on roadway states" - No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or the Road Authority responsible for the maintenance of the road.

This means that you cannot leave ridges of snow across the road when you push snow to the other side. The ridges may freeze and become a hazard to drivers.

Please be courteous and do not deposit your snow on your neighbour's property.

Snow Plow

Vehicles parked on roadways cause problems for snow clearing equipment. During the winter months there is a restriction on parking. Vehicles parked along streets and roads in the Town of Erin will be tagged and may be towed away at the owner's expense as they are blocking snow removal operations. Please advise overnight guests not to park on the side of any streets or roads.

Current policy states that the Public Works Department will only replace a mailbox if it has been physicallly hit by the snowplow. Mailboxes hit by snow coming off the plow will not be replaced the the Town. The resopnsibility for maintining mailboxes lie with the owner of the box. Mailbox owners are required to repair their own mailboxes that have been damaged by snow impact.

Please follow the Town's Mailbox Installation guidelines when putting up your mailbox.